Experimental Art, Inktober Posts, For a Good Cause

Experimental Painting

Have you ever been excited to come up with a new concept, collection or technique for your work? Getting a great idea can be a wonderful breakthrough. The idea is only the beginning though. It actually has to work in the end. That means coming up with a real, doable plan that will look the way you want it to. Sometimes this can be a real struggle for me and at times, a period of procrastination will set in.


Art For a Good Cause

I recently had the privilege of helping an amazing charity called Baby's Bounty.  While hosting their annual fundraiser dinner, they were in need of an artist to create the program and venue for the event.  This event is very important, as it helps in raising revenue to supply local underprivileged mothers with all they need for their baby's first year. To date, the have provided for thousands of infants who would otherwise have gone without diapers, formula, cribs, car seats and many other essentials that most of us take for granted. 

The painting subject matter is the view of the lovely mountain range near the venue.  It was an extra satisfying project knowing that this artwork will play a part in giving helpless children an opportunity for a better start in life. Visit the Baby's Bounty website to learn more about how you could make a difference. It might be easier than you think! 


Inktober Update

Inktober is marching on and I wanted to share some posts from my Instagram which you see in the above image. I also would like to highlight  some of my favorites by other artists. It was hard to choose as there were are so many. It's like attending a convention with like minded people, but with the convenience of social media. Pretty cool stuff. 


I can't get over @leami_art's illustrated Munster nesting dolls. So cute! And what a great idea too.  Wish I'd thought of it. ;-)


Love these owls by @judykootinkdreamer. Not only did she do some rad illustrations, but she also reached out to other artists to compare notes on inspiration and subject matter for Inktober this year. She even accented her work with each day of the month and her branding. Super cool!

@diananemesu did some particularly great witch art. She's made them in all shapes and sizes, but my favorite is this video on her YouTube channel. Awesome candlelight atmosphere perfect for Inktober! Look forward to more of this next week.  ; )

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