2018 Paint Colors of the Year, Benjamin Moore Inspiration, Inktober

House Beautiful 2018 Paint Colors of the Year

2018 Paint Colors of the Year

I was so excited to see that the 2018 colors of the year are being announced by paint companies.  PPG Paints chose Black Flame, a Black & Navy combo, as their go to color for next year.  Glidden Paints is using a color called Deep Onyx, reminiscent of a chalk board color and Benjamin Moore, like Sherwin Williams, selected a bright color called Cliente, a deep but vibrant red.  House Beautiful wrote this post earlier this summer to give decorators a head start.  These dark paint colors are being shown with lighter artwork, lamps and furniture.  Fashion designers have followed suit with plenty of dark textile backgrounds and lighter accents like florals and stripes for 2018.  Can't wait to play with these color stories and come up with some new looks for my art!!!


Benjamin Moore Paint Instagram Post

Benjamin Moore Paint Inspiration

I absolutely love this yellow ochre with the charcoal grey Benjamin Moore paint color story.  I'm not sure what they are actually named, but they inspired me to paint the below and create a new video for my YouTube channel.  It's so fascinating how you can find these same colors in fashion, house wares and other industries.  It's fun to connect the dots and know where they originated and in what direction they lead.  I'm motivated to start some mood boards that picture these different sources working toward the same goal.  More on that another time.  In the meantime, I've included the video for you below.  I hope you enjoy it!  

Inktober 2017 in process

Inktober 2017

I'm super enthused to be participating in my first Inktober!!!  Jake Parker, an illustrator from Utah started this initiative in 2009 to bring artists all over the world together during the month of October.  Since then it's gone crazy earning several hashtags like #intober and #inktober 2017.  There is even an Inktober website where you can get learn about the ins and outs plus get inspired with lists of ideas of what to create.  

Some awesome work is being posted this year and the energy is infectious. My new micron pens are working hard and I am experimenting with black ink and water brush techniques for the first time.  I can't wait to see what I learn from this exercise and what other cool stuff emerges from others.  To see some of this amazing art, do some searches on just about any social network using #intober or #inktober 2017.  You can check out some of my new Inktober work in currently on my Instagram and Twitter.  I'd love to hear from you in the Comments below if you are participating, and if so, how it's going for you.  October has never been so eventful!!!

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