A Quick Painting Tutorial, Art Jewelry is Live! Spot-On Artist Kimberly Brooks

Quick How-To Video

Inktober has ruined me… I am addicted to inking and watercolor nonstop! I have never done Inktober before, so I was really surprised to take to it so quickly. Granted I didn't illustrate something every single day as I should have, but I think the point was to learn a new discipline which I have most definitely done. My newest Skillshare class, which is in the works, is largely inspired by my Inktober work. The above video for my YouTube channel is a sneak peek. For an additional spoiler, you'll have to check out my Instagram. How are you affected by Inktober this year? Would love to hear from you in the comments below.



Art Jewelry Collection

My art jewelry collection is now live on OctopusConnection.com. It is not a new line, but it has been rebranded and re-photographed. I'll be adding more and more pieces going forward. In fact, I am working on a brand new collection based on fine art painting, silk ribbon, and druzy gem stones. Here's a hint. It is inspired by the painting from last weeks newsletter of planet mercury. Here's a link to the YouTube video. Look forward to update you on this soon!



Spot On Artist- Kimberly Brooks

I am super impressed with paintings by Kimberly Brooks who is based in New York City. Her subject matter is quite diverse, but her style is very distinctive. It seems to be a mix of abstract, ethereal, watercolor-esque looking. I love how the paintings tell a story, but still abstract enough to let your mind fill in the blanks.


Her use of color is stunning, and the backgrounds are always interesting. She's been all over doing special projects in fashion, 3D sculptured installations, features on covers of books and magazines, talking about her work at the Los Angeles County Museum of art, and much more. Quite an impressive resume. You can learn more about her on her website KimberlyBrooks.com. Kimberly, thanks for sharing your lovely work with us and with the world.

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