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I never intended to craft jewelry.  I engaged a copper wire as a sculpting project and by happy accident It almost seemed to mold itself into a bracelet.  I envisioned gorgeous glass beads as an accent and voila... My first jewelry piece was born.  It was much like this one, which is an evolved version, inspired by the movement of electricity.  Most of my designs have been inspired either by nature or by impressionable events.  

Each piece is hand crafted so there are no two alike.  Wearing something completely unique has a profound effect on my mood and demeanor.  I think better, create better and I find myself energized.  This shop grew out of the many requests I received by those who also long to do the same.  If you are looking to carve your own niche in this world and find your individual style, then Octopus Connection Art Jewelry is for you.  

If you don't see just the right piece, let me make you your own custom wearable art.  Contact me with the details and I look forward to collaborate with you.

Wishing you an inspired life!

Chris V.