Watercolor Fabric Swatches, Collette &Fifi, Wallpaper and Fashion?


Watercolor Fabric Swatches

What are Watercolor Fabric Swatches? I’m so glad you asked! I have published an all new art class on Skillshare that focuses on translating fabric swatches on paper with watercolor paints. Oh and a few other art tools like brush pens, gel pens and really whatever you enjoy working with. I share what tools and paper I use as well as my own...


Collette and Fifi

I created the above characters a few years ago while randomly doodling. I’ve made up characters before, but there was something extra engaging about these two. It was just so easy to let them take on a life their own, and the story just developed. I recently decided to post them on my Instagram because honestly, I had no other content to post. The response was heartwarming!

I first introduced Collette and her stylish lifestyle in Paris,  including her affinity for art and her favorite coffee drink. After sharing an average day in her life, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Surprisingly, I had followers asking questions and wanting to know what would happen next. Then Fifi came onto the scene. She was lost with no one to care for her, so she and Collette decided to team up.

You can find them and their escapades on my Instagram feed. I look forward to continuing the journey a bit later this month so stay tuned!


(The Altrazzura for de Gournay Amazonia pump. Photo courtesy of de Gournay via Vogue.com).  

(The Altrazzura for de Gournay Amazonia pump. Photo courtesy of de Gournay via Vogue.com). 

Wallpaper and Fashion?

There seems to be a trend developing with wallpaper and fashion… I have been watching for a while and I have noticed that the home goods and fashion trends do run side-by-side. So naturally why shouldn’t a fashion textile print work for wallpaper and vice versa?

Edgardo Osorio of Altuzarra and legendary wallpaper house de Gournay, have asked this question too, and consequently teamed up on a shoe collection together. The beautiful florals are very reminiscent of an old world European regal home decor. However they are not alone. Richard Quinn, Tanya Taylor and even Valentino, have all included gorgeous floral wallpaper looks in their prints for Fall 2018.

All of this is quite reminiscent of a shoe illustration I did last summer. I was so taken with the character of the print that I created the above YouTube video. I hope you enjoy it!

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