New YouTube Channel! Ruth Shively Artist, Instagram Stories

New YouTube Channel

Octopus Connection has an all new YouTube channel!  There are already a few videos uploaded including this newest speed painting of a runway look from Milan Fashion Week.   I look forward to filling this channel with updates about new projects, tutorials, and maybe some animation possibly in the future. Stay tuned!



Spot-On Artist

This week I am featuring Ruth Shively. She is an American artist currently working in Portland, Oregon. I was very taken with the realism versus the ethereal beauty that I see in her paintings and drawings. Her list of accolades, exhibitions, and commissions is quite impressive.  Her portrait art is gorgeous, but she also seems to have an affinity for fashion. You will see that in her painting called "Channel Girls" below,  as well as several paintings of shoes you can find on her website.


Her style is reminiscent of some of the American impressionist painters during the late 1800's to the early 1900's who achieved stunning detail with rough brushstrokes. Truly inspiring work!



I also posted my very first Instagram Story this week although they have been available for the past year. I put it off for this long because I didn't think I needed another place to share on Instagram. I have to say it was really fun! I wasn't expecting to look forward to sharing my art in progress, new art supplies or anything else in a 24 hour format, but I do! It's a completely different type of sharing than the standard Instagram grid. I would describe it as open, freeing and spontaneous. Quite nice for an artist's vibe. If you haven't tried one yet, I highly recommend it. Here's Instagram's step by step instructions in case it's your first time.

I would love to hear from you about how you are sharing on Instagram Stories in the comments below.

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