Art Contest!, Auto Gradient Colors, Artist Spotlight- Judy Koot


Art Contest!  You got this... 

I just announced an art contest in Easy Painted Flowers this week, in which the prize will be a $15 Amazon Gift Card.  I've just created tons of new content to add to the class including a bonus video at the end.  Judging will be based on how recognizable your flower is, use of color, and mastery of the technique that you chose.  All you have to do to be entered in the contest is to submit a project by the August 31 deadline. I have included images of additional flowers in the resource files, but you are welcome to paint from real flowers or from your own images. Here's a free link for those of you who are not Skillshare members. Have fun and good luck!



Auto Gradient Colors 

As an old school artist, I often struggle with the modern techniques of digital art. It's something that is super fascinating to me but I am slow to learn… Color gradients have become such a style trend. I have seen this in textiles, paintings, optical lenses; you name it, it's everywhere. There are too many gradients to count, from pinks to purples, from blues to greens, from salmon to yellow, all of them gorgeous. But the problem of how to produce them remains.


Enter Grabient. No, that's not a typo. It's an awesome website that creates gradients for your projects so you don't have to. There is a slider and a color picker, for you to customize your gradients in countless ways. Cool right? You can try it for yourself here.  Enjoy!



Artist Spotlight- Judy Koot

Judy, an artist from the Netherlands, is also a musician and writer. She works under the name Ink Dreamer, which I think is quite a good description. Her style is bold but fanciful, defined yet outside the box. I find it refreshing and charming, and I love that she is always coming up with something new that I would never think of.


She has two Skillshare classes that teach how to produce imaginative characters by following a series of easy steps.  I absolutely loved them, but also appreciate how well presented they are.  To an artist, that means a lot!  You can also see Judy's art on Instagram, Pinterest, and on her website, where you can also access her music and writing links. I can't wait to see what she will dream up next!


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