OUTER SPACE EDITION- Eclipse Art, Painting the Universe, Cool SciFi Film


Eclipse Art

I was so elated to paint after experiencing the NASA photos from the eclipse, and seeing part of a partial eclipse for myself. In fact, I painted this one during the eclipse! I had so much fun sharing this phenomenal event with my friends all over the US. It will not be visible throughout the entire United States again for another 99 years, so many of us truly relished the experience. It was interesting to watch how the other countries took part as well. Many of the ancient native tribes all over the world believed that an eclipse is the sign of new beginnings. Hoping it brings new and wonderful things to you and yours!!!



Painting the Universe

If you'd like to try painting the universe for yourself, I have two Skillshare digital art tutorials that focus on just that.  Part 1 is a tutorial on painting a realistic sky full of stars. Part 2 is much more challenging, with the Pinwheel Galaxy as the subject matter. I had so much fun creating these! I hope you get a chance to check them out and have some fun with it too. Here's a link for those of you who are not Skillshare subscribers, so you can enjoy the class for free. 



SciFi Fun

If you aren't familiar with Cara Delevingne, she is a young British supermodel, and now actress.  Cara has a special charisma that has not gone unnoticed. She has always been adventurous in her modeling roles, but her new movie Valerian, an adaptation from the SciFi book series by Pierre Christin, is pretty awesome. It's really fun to watch Cara in a completely different arena. And really, who lands a role with Clive Owen and Rihanna as a relatively new actress??? It's a fun and lighthearted tale of a battle between good and evil, and incredible example of love and forgiveness. An all around good story with plenty of action and cool special effects.  You can learn more about it here


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