Spot-On Artist-Minnie Small, Travel Art Set, Time Lapse Painting

Spot-On Artist-Minnie Small

I really like the Artist Spotlight and want to keep it going. There are so many super inspiring people out there, that I can't seem to get enough. Since it's here to stay, I decided that it should be called something a bit more unique. So I've decided Spot-On Artist will be its new name, since all of these folks are... well... spot on.  

Featured this week is, Semi Skimmed Min, who is a force of nature. Her unique moniker is testimony to that. I found her on YouTube one day when looking for examples of watercolor painting, and her following is nothing short of extraordinary. Just short of 7 million views on her YouTube channel! She often tests out products for companies like Winsor & Newton, Moleskin, and Strathmore among others. These are not small names in the world of art, so it shows the extensive reach of Minnie Small. Based in London, she shares everything from her travel journals, to new techniques she's trying out, to the supplies that she purchases and why. I've been following her for several months, and learned a lot about how different products work plus some great techniques on capturing scenes. Her videos are fun to watch and her rambling British accent is delightful and engaging. You can also check her out on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. Then, of course, there is where she sells her art prints. Hats off to you Minnie! 


Travel Art Set

Speaking of Winsor & Newton, I just got this new watercolor tube travel set. Yup, I'm pretty stoked! It's just in time for some summer adventure. It inspired me to bring my travel game up, so I found a lightweight case with tons of pockets for organizing. It seemed just the right size, and after a few switch arounds, I have it just the way I like it. Pencils, sharpener, paintbrush in top left zipper pocket. Gel pens, mechanical pencil, water brushes in lower velcro pocket. Paint set in large center pocket (it's starting to sound like a game of pool…) On the other side, there is some stiff backing. I am...


Procreate Time Lapse 

Oh joy!!! I just discovered I can make videos of my paintings in process on the Procreate app! I have just started using this app to see what all the buzz is about and so far it lives up to its rep, quite nicely. There is a good selection of brushes and the opacity and thickness buttons are easily accessible on the canvas. Plus I can import different paper simulations from another app (I'll be sharing about that one later on). This way I can create really cool looking pieces that look like they have been painted on a canvas, watercolor paper, etc. I look forward to share my first Procreate video soon! 

Chris V