Octopus Infographics, DVF Masterclass, Artist Spotlight- Krusidull


New Octopus Infographics!

I found yet another stellar tool in Canva this week!!! Is there no end to these people? I was just nosing around to see what kind of apps I could use to start creating my own infographics, and up pops Canva.com. They have an entire section dedicated to icons that you can plug right into your template. Plus there are frames, lines, shapes and other cool features to liven up your design.

The infographic above is one that I whipped up on my first try in about 20 minutes. They are super popular to share on Pinterest, since they get lots of engagement on that platform. All you have to do is come up with some facts and helpful hints about your industry and break them down to simple terms. With this app the visual part is a snap and it's free! I so look forward to making lots more of these!



Diane Von Furstenberg- Masterclass

Last week, I had the pleasure of enrolling in a Masterclass by my favorite designer. That's right, the award winning, super successful Diane von Furstenberg is going to teach ME how to build a brand from her decades of experience. What is Masterclass you ask? It's a series of courses taught by top professionals in their field. But not just any professionals.

For example, how would you like to learn from Shonda Rhimes how she writes her award winning TV series? Or learn performance art from Usher himself? Just over two years old, Masterclass has amassed the likes of Steve Martin, Gordon Ramsay, Dustin Hoffman, Christina Aguilera, Annie Lebowitz, and many many more very established professionals in their field. For just $90.

Above is my illustration and version of Andy Warhol's legendary portrait of Diane done in his multi-toned quad canvases. She has inspired so many people.  If you would like to learn from the best of the best, in the comfort of your home or anywhere you have a computer, then you should check out Masterclass.com. Their YouTube channel is a great introduction to the very beautifully filmed and well presented courses, in case you would like to sample the platform before committing.

I remember when these types of people were untouchable. Cheers to a much smaller world!


Artist Spotlight- Krusidull

Based in Sweden, this artist has inspired me countless times with her fanciful characters and gorgeous use of color. The lighthearted themes of her pattern design are nothing short of cuteness overload. I discovered her on Twitter a few months ago and she continues to wow me with her endless stream of new designs. Below is one of her prints dipicting a Swedish winter wonderland featuring some cute woodland animals playing in the snow.


She has a shop on Society6, Fine Art America and Artflakes, plus a presence on Instagram. You can check out her blog here. Oh and just today I discovered her jewelry shop on Zazzle.com.  The pieces feature her printed illustrations in the coolest way ever. I hope you'll check it out! 

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