Canva Color Edit, Photo Phenomenons, Artist spotlight- Astrid


Canva Color Edit

I know I've posted about before, but I recently discovered something that is so cool! They have a tool, called Color Design Wiki, that allows you to choose a color, and then edit it's hue or tone.  So not only can I select one of Canva's great colors, but now I can make it darker or lighter. Or I could select it's analogous, triad, or complementary color.  This allows me to make color choices about my project that are so much more dynamic. 

Case in point, this gorgeous pink called Honeysuckle.  When you click on the color, it pulls up options to customize it, plus some history and cool facts. Another surprise was when I saw the color palettes at the bottom of the page. Each one worked really well with Honeysuckle as a color scape to use in a project.


For each color, several color palettes will be displayed on the bottom of the page. When clicked, you are taken to another page of endless color palettes so you can find just the right one. This feature could inspire other ideas or projects. What a revelation! I already use a lot, but I think I'll be using it a lot more now.  : )


Architectural Photography

As I mentioned in last week's newsletter, photography intrigues me so much. It, like fine art, is multifaceted and the options are endless. This is aptly proven by Anna Devis and Daniel Rueda of Valencia Spain, who have created their own niche by using their photos to interact with architecture. Anna, wearing appropriate colored and shaped clothing, poses in the most unexpected places, as Daniel photographs her blending into the cityscape.


Daniel has a website where he showcases his portfolio of architectural images. Anna is an architecture major who features art, design and photography on her blog.  Anna and Daniel's Instagram accounts are a real treat too. These two delightful souls obviously have a very bright future!


Artist Spotlight- Astrid Vos

This week I am proud to present Astrid Vos from Brazil. Her bold strokes and fearless use of color is unforgettable.  She studied fashion then worked in Paris for 13 years. So, staying true to her roots, she is primarily a fashion illustrator, and clearly a bodacious one at that.  

I discovered her on Instagram, and I have been a fan ever since.  A sector of her fashion illustration work is a bit tame, probably upon the request of certain clients, but on her Instagram feed, she goes all out. I particularly love the way she does portraits. It's a very unique and refreshing style. She also has a website featuring a collection of her work. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 

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