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Prada Shoe Illustration

Having worked in the fashion industry for over a decade, I continue to be inspired by this art form. So when I saw this Prada shoe ad, I just had to drop everything and sketch it. Then I had to complete the digital painting because I just didn't get enough. After that, I still wasn't satisfied so I gave the flooring a shot. Prada is not normally my go to style, but this embellished pump.... it's total eye candy and nothing short of a work of art. In fact, the entire Spring/Summer 2017 inspiration was an innovative break from the normal one theme to five themes, making it extra dynamic.  This shoe comes from the Pathways theme. You can see more of these beautiful styles for here at You can also read more about the five theme breakaway here on Fashion Gone Rogue and check out the funky, cool Prada 365 video.


FullSizeRender.jpg Baby!

If you would like a little sunshine and flowers in your day, please visit Their bright and sunny vibe is so refreshing!  Honestly, if I need a little cheering up, I just head on over to their website or their Instagram feed.  I am instantly met with a pop of color and cute typography messages.  They did not have to place the yellow rotating Smiley, front and center, telling me "Hey Girl Hey," but this is we're talking about here.  

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Their product is equally cheery, and pretty diverse. I love their notebooks, planners, desk accessories, bags, tech stuff and jumpsuits. Yes, I said jumpsuits.  In addition to all the fun officey (really love making up my own words...) items, they have a line of clothing to include t-shirts, shoes scarves, jewelry, sunglasses. Oh and they sell beauty products and homegoods too. Yeah, basically the whole 9 yards. And it's fun!

My favorite part, though, is that you could potentially become a Bando seller. Yup, that's right. They are always looking for fresh art looks for their products.  What makes them different, is that they are also looking for  product crafters. So if you just created a cool something or other, they want to see that too. Just click the Sell on link at the bottom of the homepage. For artwork, click Submit Your Artwork. If you are a model, you can submit your portfolio as well with the Model For Us link. Maybe I'll be shopping your stuff or see you on someday. ;-)


Artist Spotlight- Jen from is an awesome DIY website put together by Jen, based in NYC. I was so excited when I stumbled upon it, because I really love a good project that is easy to execute. Jen has done an amazing job of doing just that, in DIY categories from lettering to paper crafts to yarn crafts to sewing, and so much more. Plus it's all based on using what you have in your cupboard already, so it encourages sustainability.  Her Instagram, @Crafticland is loaded with images showing all the cool stuff going on in her world. This is the perfect source if you need something fun to do with the kids too. Wishing you some happy crafting!

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