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My Journey to Abstract Art

From early on, my art style was that of a realist. Portraits have always been my favorite, as you know from last week's newsletter, but I also loved still lifes and landscapes as well. Therefore, I've always been standoffish regarding abstract styles, since they were an enigma to me.  One that kept haunting me...


Sally's Not the only One with Sea Shells

During my recent internet browsing, I stumbled upon a lovely site filled with shell illustrations. I have always loved shells and their diverse beauty, so I was immediately taken with the stunning representations by several different artists. Particularly this cover image by Kajasa Klaesen, called Beach Treasures, and a Lilly Pulitzer piece at the end.

Why did it not occur to me to sketch or paint shells before? Well, I am now inspired! And ready for a summer trip to the beach. If you'd like a treat, click through and see the other shell illustrations here


Lettering tutorial

Another one of my great loves is typography. You might have guessed that when I shared the Interactive Font Map previously. Having graphic design roots, I can't help but love the choices of different typefaces. 

Fonts continue to evolve and grow just like everything else. To me, it is a legitimate art form. In fact, I once designed a typeface for a local firm for a marketing project I collaborated on. Much to my delight, not only are there wonderful new fonts popping up all over, but they are seen partnered with inspiring quotes. What an unstoppable duo!!!

So I have gladly returned to my love of lettering, by studying some calligraphy and creative lettering processes. It makes for some really fun and playful ways of sharing a message. I have devoted a section on my website to this craft. I will be updating it regularly, so please feel free to stop by every so often to see what's new. If you would like to have some font fun of your own, check out this free tutorial.

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