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Starfish Calendar July 2017

NEW Octopus Connection Calendars

For some reason, I have always wanted to make calendars. I think it's because I like them so much. I currently have three on my wall, a planner I carry around with me, plus a work calendar. Call it some weird of obsession, but I think it goes with my love for stationary in general. 

Because I am so tech challenged, it really does take me a while to learn to do things that require a program or app.  So I figured using my art to make calendars were a long way off for me yet. And then, lo and behold, I discovered that has calendar templates!  I have been using them to make posters, social networking posts, webpages, etc. for about six months, so I'm use to their interface. Now, I'm literally like a Calendar machine. :-)

The next tech challenge? How to make them available to you as free printable downloads…   I'll get back to you guys on that one. Hopefully soon. 

Mini Artomat paintings by Nicole Arnold.

Mini Artomat paintings by Nicole Arnold.

Artist Spotlight- Nicole Arnold

I'm pleased to include Nicole Arnold in this week's Artist Spotlight. Based in North Carolina, she's quite a powerhouse. Besides being a children's book illustrator, teaching modern art on Skillshare, she's also an Artomat artist, has her own blog and newsletter, and was recently featured on Craftic for her gorgeous embellished handbag feather design. Oh, and she's a mother of two.  

Her Modern Art Masters workshops, where she leads students in a step by step study of art by masters like Mondrian, Klimt and Kandinsky, is where I first ran into Nicole.  I was so taken with the connection she had with her students, and her obvious passion for painting modern art. The more I learn about all that she does, the more impressed I am.  Recently, she participated in the Artomat Swap Meet, where she sold her small Artomat machine sized masterpieces. Checkout her Big Cartel shop here, and her Instagram and Twitter to learn more about her.  Go Nicole!


Create Magazine

Did you ever dream of being featured in a magazine? Well, you have an opportunity to do just that, through Create Magazine.  Most magazines don't want a thing to do with the every day artist  like you and me. Create Magazine, however, seems a bit different. They have a monthly Call for Artists, so that they can use your story in their editorials, and even for various gallery shows at times. If that wasn't enough, there is also an Artist Grant that they take applications for. If you are an artist who needs a boost, you may want to at least take a look to see if Create Magazine is a good option for you. You never know... it might take you somewhere you've only imagined!

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