Color Palettes, "Mini" Travel Journal, More Contest Winners!


A Romance with Color Palettes  

While cruising Pinterest recently, I found boards and boards of images paired with matching color sample palettes.  Design seeds and were among many posts, filled with gorgeous photos and palettes to match. Maybe you've seen them too. 


After getting super inspired, I created my own color palettes to match some of my artwork. It's like two art forms in one! Here's a collage of several of my illustrations that I have paired with palettes so far, but I plan to do many more. If you're interested in learning this process, I'll be sharing a free tutorial in a future blog post. Stay tuned!  

Mini road trip doodle car by Steve Simpson.

Mini road trip doodle car by Steve Simpson.

"Mini" Travel Journal

What does Sharpie pen doodling and a Mini Cooper have in common?  Quite a bit according to artist Steve Simpson. After  covering a Mini in white vellum, he proceeded to doodle sketch his experiences of each town he passed through during his European road trip. The idea was to tell the story of his travels on the road car itself. At the end of his trip, you can see in the photo that the Mini is covered with tiny illustrations done with nothing but a Sharpie pen.

The trip is chronicled from the planning stages to completion, which you can read about here.  Wow Steve, I think you've invented a new type of travel journaling!


More Contest Winners!  

Last week I announced Al Diaz as our FirstPrize contest winner in Line Drawing-The Power of Suggestion.   This week, I would like to highlight our Second Prize winner Mira Metzler for her face illustration. She uses this type of sketch for her beauty face charts, since she is a make up artist, as well an accomplished fine artist. 

The beach bucket was done by Jenn Ross, and the cat by Diana Nemesu who were both the Third Prizes winners. All of the contest participants made it so difficult to decide! Each of them worked hard and put out some great work.  Plus several of them submitted more than one sketch including Jenn Ross and Diana Nemesu. If you'd like to take a look at some of the other illustrations, head here to the project gallery of the class. 

I look forward to another contest in my newest class Painting Easy Flowers. (Here are free links for Line Drawing- The Power of Suggestion and Easy Painted Flowers in case you aren't a Skillshare member).  I will be posting details here sometime in July. You guys are always the first to know. ;-)

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