Paper Fashion, Artomat, Contest Winner!

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Photo from the Paper Fashion Instagram Account

Photo from the Paper Fashion Instagram Account

Artist Spotlight- Katie Rodgers

The Artist Spotlight this week, goes to Katie Rodgers creator of Paper Fashion. Like Jeanette Getrost from the most recent artist spotlight, I have been following Katie's work for several years now. I have a huge respect for the way she has branded herself with something so simple as shadow dancers, as she so affectionately calls them. Also a fashion illustrator, Katie has simply and elegantly romanced her following with ultra girlie watercolor paintings of gowns and ballerina dresses. Now living in NYC, she illustrates for big name fashion brands, and travels the world doing special projects. You can view her Instagram and You Tube videos here.

If you're motivated to learn Katie's process, here's a link to her Skillshare classes. If you're not a Skillshare member, you can receive two months free (they are giving an extra free month right now) when you sign up here. Hope Katie gets you as inspired to create as much as she did for me!



I remember the first time I saw an Artomat machine. The crazy early modern retro robot look stopped me cold. It was placed smack dab in the middle of a sophisticated urban building, so the contrast was unavoidable.  And someone was purchasing from it... I had the feeling I was bumping into an old familiar friend that I couldn't quite place. Then I found out from an online acquaintance, that these were recycled and re-purposed cigarette machines.

At one time, they could be found nearly everywhere; restaurants hotel lobbies, etc. When the law was passed to ban cigarette machines to discourage the youth from gaining easy access, these machines were plucked from their homes, and placed in government graveyards never to be seen again.

Enter  Clark Whittington, a North Carolina bred modern artist who single-handedly revolutionized the use of a, now archaic waste of space. Having studied art at university, he developed a taste for making a statement by creating sculpture with random objects.  That's when he turned one machine, into a outlet for cigarette pack sized art, for sale for $5 per piece. When it became a sensation, he realized he had something.  Now, artists all over the world contribute to Clark's project, making tiny art pieces available to people wherever they are worldwide, from over 100 machines.  And it continues to grow!  You'll be hearing more from me on this fantastic project in the future. For now here is Clark's Artomat website. Super cool stuff! 


And the Winner Is...

Al Diaz has won the contest in Line Drawing-the Power of Suggestion!  Woohoo! Al submitted the most simple sketch with the most powerful artist message completed in black outlines by the suggested deadline. For his piece fittingly called "Kiss" in the above image, he has won a $25 Amazon gift card. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more great things from him in the future. Congrats Al!

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