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My portrait of the actress Jennifer Lawrence.

My portrait of the actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Portrait Study

I have always wanted to be good at portraits since I started sketching as a little girl. To draw inanimate objects, landscapes or cityscapes is one thing, but to capture the essence of someone's spirit and personality is the ultimate challenge to me. So I have practiced them most of my life. I am rarely happy with my sketches of people, since it is the hardest for me and I am truly my own worst critic. Recently though, I have made some inroads by experimenting with a more playful style. I've always taken my sketching very seriously and perhaps I was putting myself under too much pressure. Granted, I still have a long way to go, but I do feel as though I'm gaining some ground after decades of attempts. I'll be posting more of these in my social media and on my website homepage. If you'd like to see my other work, here's a link to the OctopusConnection.com portrait page.  I hope to be doing custom portraits sometime soon!

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Artist Spotlight- Ohn Mar Win

This talented and courageous artist based in Europe, has been a huge inspiration to me, so I really wanted to share a little bit about her. In 2014 she only dreamt of being a commercial artist. Now she is an illustrator for They Draw and Cook, and designs various packaging for food companies plus does various other projects. Not only does she teach her art process, but she also shares her method for manifesting her goals. I have dabbled in a bit of her goal setting techniques and I am pretty impressed. Her Pinterest page is a real treat, and her website OhnMarWin.com gives some great examples of her commercial work. She is a continuing contributor of delightful creations on They Draw and Cook.com where they have her listed as an Artist for Hire. You can also find a find her on Skillshare.com if you are a member. She shares her secrets there for creating beautiful art and a fruitful life. I think of her as one of my biggest art heroes! I look forward to feature more of my favorite artists in upcoming newsletters. ;-)


Skillshare Gratitude!

I could not believe when I checked my Skillshare stats the other day, that I have over 1000 students in all of my classes combined. So thanks to the moon and back to those of you who are enrolled in one or more of my courses and/or left me a review. If you would like to join Skillshare this weekend, and take advantage of unlimited courses by professionals from all over the world, you can save 25% off! (Ends Monday, May 29th).  I am having a blast making art tutorials and can't wait to make my next one. Hint: It may have something to do with June weddings...

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