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Maison in Space!

I am so happy to announce that My newest project is a collaboration with the uber talented musician Maison Guidry.  He is mainly known for his extraordinary drums, but also plays just about every other instrument you can think of. And he plays them well. He loves aviation and space, thus one day told me of a vision he had of some artwork showing him riding a rocket. After a bit of research on Flash Gordon, and his favorite drumming clothes, here is the result. I had so much fun doing this, and I'm super stoked about a possible second collaboration in the works. You'll be the first to know!  

Here are Maison's Instagram, Facebook fan page, and website if you want to check them out.     

FullSizeRender 27.jpg

Digital Easter Egg Hunt?

Yes, I know Easter is over... but I couldn't resist the urge to share this clever work by Eleana Gkogka.  She created a digital Easter Egg hunt that was featured on Dribble.  So fun!  The idea is the find as many egg shapes in this illustration as possible.  I admire those who can take a basic concept and evolve it so it works in the present, and Eleana has done that, by bringing the Easter Egg hunt to the digital arena. Try to find as many eggs as possible in the above image.  Pro tip by Eleana:  There are more than you might think!


Blooper Alert!!!

Okay... so I made a blooper in last week's newsletter in my article about the #100dayproject, which I mistakenly called the #100daychallenge (it's now been edited, but just setting the record straight in case it threw you off while reading the original post).  Didn't want you to have issues finding all of the fantastic art being created under this hashtag.  It's day 15 already, and the beautiful work is abounding.  You can check it out here on Instagram and Twitter.

Chris V