Octopus News

New Art Class!

I am super excited to have published my newest art tutorial on Skillshare.com today!  It's called Line Drawing- The Power of Suggestion where I feature three different subject matters in three different mediums.  Watch as I take you step by step through the process of choosing subject matter, gathering basic materials, sketching and creating drama and simplicity with bold black lines.  It's easier than you think!  Click this link to join for free for a limited time!  


Twitter Pride!

Woohoo!  My new Twitter account @OctopusConnect1 is over 200 followers and growing fast!  Considering I am no Twitter expert, and this account is only a few weeks old, I am really happy with this.  I have to thank a few Tweeters who have been supportive and inspiring.  Like the people at @recurpost  who have been great with engagement, training and whose free Twitter/Facebook posting app has made this journey much easier.  I am loving content and engagement from @Krusidull2 ‏ whose beautiful art is sold at Redbubble.com. I also want to send a shout out to @sloppysuccess ‏ who is providing excellent content ideas, writing tips, and images for a new blogger like myself.  You guys rock!  : )


Starbucks Does it Again!

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 12.38.18 PM.png

So... I was never a huge Starbucks fan until they started using art on their packaging, ad campaigns, typefaces and menu boards (and since they wouldn't stop making my favorite Hazelnut Mocha Latte so delicious).  For me it's all about the visuals, and Starbucks is kicking booty when it comes to gorgeous visuals.  Why are the other coffee/tea companies not getting this???  Now, they have done it again by creating new Spring themed coffee cups.  I am loving the colors they chose, and how can I not, when I realize my coffee cup matches my office stapler!!!  Okay, so I'm way geeking out on the color match, but, as an artist, this is the stuff I live for.  And as if that wasn't enough, check out this artist @Whitney-Joan, who is repurposing these cups in her own unique way.  Wish I'd though of it!!!