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New Website Design!!!

I’ve been busy during this fall winter break. One of the things I’ve been up to is redesigning and rebuilding the website. It now features a 3-D scrolling homepage and easy links to the art galleries, jewelry shop, tutorials, and newsletter. Click here to check it out! I would love your comments and thoughts on the new look.  In the meantime, above is a special seasonal sketch from me to wish you and yours the happiest of holidays!!!



Digital Treasure?

We find ourselves in the digital age.  Many books, art works, scrolls, and many other important artifacts from our history have been lost along the way.  Will our digital work be more permanent in the ages to come?  Charlotte Robinson, working as an archivist part-time in London, has an interesting blog focusing on just this subject.  It's called Archive Robin which explores what she calls "digital treasure."  What is digital treasure?

I thought this was such a fascinating concept, that I've asked Charlotte some questions about her blog and what inspired her to start it.

Q:  What does the term "digital treasure" mean... 


Chunky Yarn Collection

Now that the jewelry shop has been open for business on the website for a while, I thought it was time for a new winter jewelry collection. When I pulled out my winter sweaters as the weather turned chilly, I got inspired.  Why not create a line of accessories made with chunky yarn? Add some leather and the perfect colored beads and you have the Chunky Yarn Collection. All pieces are hand crocheted, and feature hand sewn leather cord, plus hand sewn fabric and beading details. Now even your jewelry can be cozy!



Contest Winners

The contest in my ocean themed art class, Watercolor Treasures of the Sea, was the best and most fun so far!!! The projects submitted were mind blowingly gorgeous, the creativity of the paintings were inspiring. I was so honored to have such talent in my midst! Please use this free link to swing by and take a look.  In the meantime, here are images of the contest winners. Looking forward to the next contest in Inking with the Color Twist, happening soon! 


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What's New?  Monthly Newsletter Format

During this break, which allowed me to do some new things, I realized how much I was enjoying myself.  More time to create? Well, that’s pretty much a no-brainer for me. That is why I have decided to go from a weekly newsletter to a monthly one.  I’m hoping it will be even more interesting than it’s been in the past, and looking forward to checking in with you again in January. :-)





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