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Video Tutorials

Check out my learning videos for DIY projects in art, digital art and art jewelry. All the courses are found on Skillshare.com, a learning platform with over 2 million students and thousands of instructors teaching art, design, Adobe programs, business development, photography, social networking, content strategy, culinary, horticulture, and the list goes on.  

It's a project based community that boasts amazing content focused on your individual results.  For $10 monthly, you have unlimited access to, not only the courses shown here, but the entire platform of 16,000 classes!  There is a free trial period so you can test drive it before you commit.  You might find, with the quality of learning available, $10 monthly is a small price to pay.  I did!

Feel free to stop during or between videos to work at your own pace.  You can ask me questions, or comment during your learning experience by messaging me in the Community section of each class.  If you'd like to see the entire Octopus Connection learning channel, please click here.  

Wishing you Happy Creating!

Chris V.

Inking with a Color Twist

Inking with a Color Twist

If you love Ink and Watercolor, then this class is for you!  I'll take you from the inspiration stage, to a quick sketch through to the inking process, and different watercolor techniques to enhance your favorite subject matters.  Projects range from beginning to advanced levels.  


Watercolor Treasures of the Sea

Watercolor Treasures of the Sea

Take a trip to the beach with this ocean inspired watercolor painting class focusing on sea creatures, shells, seascapes and anything else that transports you there.  Projects range from simple for beginning painters to complex for the more advanced artist.


Easy Painted Flowers

This is an exercise in capturing various types of flowers in three easy but effective ways.  Take your choice of a watercolor, acrylic or multi media project, all done with basic tools and materials.  Or if you can't decide, do all three.  ; )


Line Drawing- The Power of Suggestion

Join me in sketching engaging subjects, and then minimizing them to their most basic form.  I'll show you how I gather my subject matter, my tools and materials and set up my work space.  I sketch three different projects, then use three different mediums to create a partial, but powerful black outline, that creates simplicity and drama in 30 minutes!  Free spots available for a limited time! 



Rough Sketches as a Finished Product

Here's a crash course in converting quick, rough sketches into engaging, professional looking artwork for your business needs, social networking accounts, or your personal projects.  Over 350 people have found this class helpful.  Join them in learning to capture ordinary objects in sketches using basic techniques, in about 20 minutes. Who knows, you may even impress yourself.      



Design your Smartphone Case

In today's world, our smartphones are with us every day, all day long.  So I count on my case to inspire and uplift me.  I don't know about you, but I like variety. Buying cases regularly can be costly and and storing them can be a pain.  Learn my quick and easy tips to create your own smartphone case in 12 minutes.  Your cases will now be completely customized and storage will be almost non-existent.  A great option for travel!



Painting the Universe- Pinwheel Galaxy

This digital art course will take you on a journey in the stars, while I show you my process for painting the Pinwheel Galaxy located over 20 million light years from earth.  All you need is your computer, tablet or smartphone with an art app installed and you are on your way.