Want to Learn Fashion Illustration?


I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have learned and excelled in figure drawing way back in art school in my college days, to include some summer stints at Pasadena Art Center. I remember being so fascinated with the movements and expression of the body. Little did I know that it would lay the ground work for my love of fashion design and illustration.

Years later, I’ve also discovered a love of teaching. Having always been the one to be selected to train new staff in the workplace, I’ve consequently created many successful training programs over time. I discovered that it’s really about breaking things down into actionable, bite-size steps. Once a novice can see a skill layed out clearly and articulately, its just a matter of practice.


So when Skillshare.com offered me the opportunity to merge all of these skills into one place I heartily jumped on board. I’ve been able to create my own step-by-step training videos for various aspects of fashion illustration with traditional watercolors and on the Procreate app.

My series of Fashion Illustration courses have been building, including a basic course called The Sketch. In this class, I delve into the mechanics and artistry of creating a balanced and lovely fashion illustration of your own. If you struggle with how to make the body movements look natural and fluid, as well and some tips on drawing faces, hands, and feet, you’ll want to check this one out. If you prefer digital illustration, my newest course, Procreate Fashion Illustation is now live.


You will find links to all of my other fashion illustration classes on that same page as well. Each of them tackles a different area, from accessories, to painting prints, to putting it all together.

In all of these classes, I’ll take you step by step to show you how to select a runway image that works and that you love. Then I’ll go over the tools and materials I’m using in the class, which is super basic. Probably things you have at home or in your studio already. I even share some common mistakes that can happen along the way and how to deal with them.  


Don’t stress if you get stuck along the way. You can easily reach out to me in the Community page if you have any questions at all! If you prefer, you are welcome to reach out to me on Instagram as well. I’ve post lots of fashion illustration, on my feed and you can jump in anytime and ask a question or start a conversation.

I hope you’ll join me and give it a try. If you’re already experienced in fashion illustration, it could be a fun refresher course and a chance to connect with some like-minded individuals.  Oh and here’s a link for 2 free months in case you’re not a Skillshare member yet.

See you there! :-)

Chris V