Travel Art Set

I just got a new Winsor & Newton watercolor tube travel set. Yup, I'm pretty stoked! It's just in time for some summer adventure, so I'm inspired to bring up my travel game up.  I found a lightweight case, made by Yoobi, with tons of pockets for organizing. It seemed just the right size, and after a few switch arounds, I have it just the way I like it. Pencils, sharpener, paintbrush in top left zipper pocket. Gel pens, mechanical pencil, water brushes in lower velcro pocket. Paint set in large center pocket (it's starting to sound like a game of pool…) 


On the other side, there is some stiff backing. I am using it to store my paper in hopes it will keep it from getting bent or tattered. I have some small and large sheets of Canson watercolor paper, in case different sizes strike my fancy. I'm also bringing a Canson water color ringed sketch pad to keep some of the work as a journal, plus I threw on one of my signature Octopus Collection heart charms to the zipper pull for some personality.

Not sure if you've used brush pens before, but they are genius! They are synthetic fiber brushes, made by Pentel, in different sizes with a plastic tube of water at the end.  You can unscrew the tube and fill it with water for when your brush needs to be refreshed. All you do is squeeze the tube, and out comes the water at the base of the brush.  This minimizes having to deal with getting a cup of rinse water, which is a huge pain when you are on the go. 


Minnie Small's video of her travel journal video motivated me to try my hand at spur of the moment sketches that I could always paint later when I'm not on the move. Her style is so effortless, it's a great example of being able to capture some amazing memories while mobile.

How are you traveling with your art supplies this summer?  Love to hear from you in the comments below. :-)